Silk Thread Fine Art

African Silk Threadwork

by Prince Duncan-Williams



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About The Artist

Artist Bio

The Spirit
Size: 36"W x 48"H
Framed: 46"W x 58"H Approx

Few musical styles are as colorful as jazz, and artist Prince Duncan-Williams knows this. Composed of silk as smooth as the music of John Coltrane and with an explosive vivacity of colorful silk threads that bring to mind the frenzied syncopation of New Orleans-style jazz, Prince’s silk mosaics succeed in creating something of a miracle: jazz without sound. He was born in Ghana in West Africa into a family tradition of working with silk thread art that was nearly four generations in the making. These silk threads are the same threads that are used to make Royal Kente, the cloth famously used for royal clothing for the Akan people. 

More about the artist

Prince's Inspiration


 Claiming inspiration from artists such as Matisse, Picasso and Romero Bearden, Prince also acknowledges the influence of jazz on his work. He especially has a soft spot for the music of the contemporary English jazz artist Paul Hardcastle, which can usually be heard in the back ground as Duncan-Williams creates his newest work of art. Above all, Prince says, the music reminds him what all of his creations should be: smooth, cool and utterly unforgettable.

Artist Statement


Since childhood, I've always wanted to create works of art that impart distinct sensations of dynamic movement to the viewers and, I believe I have achieved this sensation in each of my creations. Above all, I love seeing viewers smile when they connect with the vitality of my silk mosaic art. My silk mosaics are best known for their strong and unique use of color, the latter of which I have always had a strong relationship with. Color has energized and intrigued me for as long as I can remember. Years of self-taught art and  years in silk art experience has led me to a very saturated, bold, and recognizable silk mosaic art.